Delhi Gang Rape.Ashamed of being an Indian yet?

December 19th, 2012

Letters poured in immediately showing outrage over the barbaric gang rape in a Delhi bus. Emotions ranged from being ashamed to be an Indian to the anger over the stone age social norms in Indian society. You can read all the letters in and add your own thoughts. Here are some excerpts from the letters:

  • I’m ashamed of being an Indian which traditionally afforded a higher status to women as ’shakti’ but repeatedly violated by men, across the country, to a commodity to quench their lust. The recent Delhi rape case is a classic one - gang raped in a moving bus, passing through multiple police barricades (which proudly advertises ‘for you,’ ‘with you,’ and ‘always’ in late evening by any standard. It’s so common to be raped in Delhi with the Prime Minister (whose party is headed by a woman, if you like) and a separate Chief Minister, again a woman, that one could conveniently come out with a calendar to tick off -  rape / no-rape / day.
    In my opinion, Delhi should be renamed as 3M capital representing - Muscle power, Moolah (money power), and Mardanghi (manhood) - culminating in rapes - choose the day and time of your pick.
  • Depraved society, impotent law enforcement and misplaced priorities
    Delhi girl’s gang rape in the bus once again highlighted the deprivation and complete lawlessness in our society. What society are we living in? A society where VIP security and movement gets precedence over law and order; poor training, lack of requisite infrastructure and facilities and political pressure virtually emasculates the law enforcement agencies and those who issue diktats on women’s dress code and behaviour get political patronage! While theatrics in the parliament were for once in one voice for the right cause and media has taken up the cudgels on behalf of women, would the issue again fall victim to political expediency and ‘breaking news”?
  • Nothing worse can be expected than this shameful act, a blot, in the form of a barbaric act. The court proceeding should be finished  in not more than three months and nothing short of capital punishment should be awarded to such people.
    I don’t know if Mrs. Sheela Dixit does need any more barbaric acts before sensitising Delhi police towards such acts and to be vigilant to stop happening of such incidents.

London Olympics 2012 - for India the Humiliation is Complete

August 12th, 2012

The world expects very little from Indian athletes and they managed to fall far short of that expectation. The letter writers from the subcontinent felt humiliated by India’s performance - but their frustration and anger was directed more towards the bumbling politicians that India is famous for. This was in sharp contrast to the letters from the Brits, who were justifiably proud of their achievements.

Here are some excerpts from letters from India:

- Let our politicians who quarrel among themselves, realize that it is a  shame for India, being the second largest populated country in the world to not even have secured gold in Olympics this year.

-   Olympics: Shame or fame to UPA-II?

India is a nation with over 1.30 billion people constituting over 15 per cent of global population.
At stake in London Olympics are 302 Gold Medals, besides an equal number of silver and bronze constituting a total of 906 medals.
India’s performance until now is four medals; improvement of one medal over Beijing Olympics. But, no gold medal till now. Rightly, Indian should win at least 45 gold medals based on population percentage. But, it is a forlorn hope and expectation given the present state of affairs in the nation.
Why not those politicians, who in parliament demand for new reservation policy of SC/ST & BC based on percentage of population, maintain stoic silence when it comes to sports?  Shouldn’t the time for them to introspect on this aspect too!

- India’s Olympic performance is lamentable compared to equivalently sized China.

- Olympic Bronze medal winner Mary Kom’s State capital Imphal get only 5 hrs electricity in a day.

- It is utterly ridiculous for a subcontinent to have performed average till now in the London Olympics. Heard that the nation is developing and had heard that 20 years back too!

What a good bunch of bureaucrats grooming a population of 1.22 billion that fails to qualify and make a decent count of medals in such a respectful game.

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London Olympics 2012 make Britain Proud

August 12th, 2012

The Great Britain should be proud of the London Olympics 2012. So, concludes so many letters that we received. The unusually large number of letters that we received covered many aspects; but one recurring theme was British Pride.

Here are some samples:

- What a memorable spectacle the London Olympics has been. It has galvanised our multi-cultural and multi-racial society into a united front. It has served to remind the world and, indeed ourselves, of our greatness, of our professionalism and of our exemplary organisational abilities. Our inherent sense of fair play and our graciousness in victory as well as in defeat were on display in full measure – worthy of hundreds of gold medals.

Indian by birth, I am proud, as I have always been, of being British.

_ Proud to be English. What an amazing achievement Team GB have delivered, coaches, competitors, volunteers, public, troops, police et al.
Now let’s have our governors, those that decide our fate,  politicians and civil servants, show the same resolve. Bury petty party differences for now and show true leadership, tackle the economic problems and form a National Unity approach.

- The success of the British team at the 2012 Olympic games has been remarkable and all the athletes, as well as the coaches and other “back room boys”, deserve unstinted congratulations.

The feeling was probably best summed up by this tongue-in-cheek complaint :  I have to complain, it is inevitable. Dear Seb Coe, why o why did you allow the Olympics to last just two weeks. It should go on much, much longer. Probably your only mistake. Never in my 60+ years have I enjoyed life this much. Well done everyone, participants, organisers, volunteers, coaches, spectators (what a great part you played) and, yes it has to be said, the media. BBC, brilliant total coverage, Telegraph (and the lesser press) superb. Thank you all. Can we do it again?

Gays & God- What’s Chicken got to do with it?

August 3rd, 2012

Chick-fil-A controversy naturally prompted people on both sides of the issue to take a stand and write letters to the editors. Here’s a sample of the letters submitted through Publishaletter that supports the rights of the owner to express his beliefs:

  • “Chic Filet Executives have done nothing more than express their views about traditional marriage, which of course excludes gay marriage.  That’s it!  They have not protested, demonstrated, marched, filed any law suits, or taken any other form of overt action to show their disagreement.  That’s not good enough according to gays.  Christians now are not even permitted to hold such views and should be tried for hate crimes, even though they have never been expressed.  Gays need to repent of this unwarranted attack on people who only disagree with their lifestyle.”
  • “Chicago has now joined Boston in their baseless attack on Chick-fil-A.  Efforts are underway to prevent restaurants from opening because of the personal beliefs of the president,
    Dan Cathy in support of the Biblical definition of marriage.  There is no evidence nor accusation of discriminatory practices among Chick-fil-A……Do we really want to set the precedent of approving or denying businesses the right to operate because of the personal beliefs of the owners?”
  • “Mayor Emanuel states that in not supporting same sex marriage that Chic-fil-A does not reflect Chicago’s values.  I wander how Cardinal George and the Catholic population of Chicago feel about that.  Or for that matter the Protestant, Jewish and even the Muslim communities of Chicago.  I would suggest that it not Chicago’s values that Chic-fil-A does not meet but rather Mayor Emanuel’s and the far left who as I already have said feel that free speech is only intended for those who agree with them.”What’s your view? Why not write your letter to the editor at

Repeal Obamacare? Better yet Repeal Congress?

July 3rd, 2012

Few issues are as polarizing in US politics right now as Affordable Care Act. It was not surprising then that letters came fast and furious after the supreme court ruling - some celebrating the victory; some finding flaws with the ruling. Here are some excerpts from the letters. For all the related letters visit

  • offers critical protections for everyone because it requires health care insurance providers to spend 80% of premiums on health care before lobbing congress and paying their executives mufti-million dollar bonuses.
  • Most of us Americans want to make our own decisions. Not only that but it is unconstitutional for the government to tell us we have to have health insurance or pay a penalty. This is not right.
  • WE ALL AMERICANS will repeal this bill and elect a NEW President who will lead and protect our American way of life.
  • Everyone should have the right to health care.  Republicans believe it should be a profit center for big business and be available to the privileged few.  Republicans in congress only serve the one percent of Americans.
  • If women’s rates must by law be reduced, men’s rates must necessarily be increased or the system will go bankrupt.  Now men will truly be discriminated against by being forced to pay more than their fair share for health insurance.
  • Whoa, did the supreme court mess up.  First re-defining fine as a tax; then congress is now allowed to require Americans to purchase anything they want and if they don’t they will be penalized.