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Mass Vote all about Health Care?

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Conventional wisdom is that a vote for Scott Brown was a vote against Health Care Reform. Was it? Many letters, with a decidedly liberal bias argued that it was a win for Mis-information rather than anything else.

Some examples: Some citizen’s comments on Obama’s Health Care legislation: ‘we would all be paying 75 percent of our paychecks in taxes’; ‘Washington would charge her coverage for the worse and increase the premiums’, ‘the restaurant would have to pay to cover its 35 employees..’, ‘jeopardy of paying twice to cover everyone else ( in Mass).’.
Wait a minute! The proposed bills would provide tax breaks for small business owners or exempt them from penalties, Mass. citizens would not pay twice, etc.
My point - who is spreading this misinformation - rather, lies?

Another said : Democrats want to fight a war but with the enemy playing on their team as well, and they just will never learn that the GOP takes no prisoners, you are for them or against them! Until the Dems get tough like the will of the GOP, or the Viet Cong Gorillas for that matter, they will lose every fight no matter what the prize!

Finally one writer said: Please identify those who voted for the Republican Senate candidate.  I need them to pay my health insurance premium from now on.

There were less right leaning letters post Mass. election. Having won the battle, are they resting on their laurels?

Mass Tea Party

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Its 2010 not 1773. But the Scott Brown election win which has its origins in 2009 Tea parties are drawing quick responses from the letter writers from all across the nation.

On behalf of myself, my family and friends we gratefully thank the voters of Massachusetts for their action yesterday. It sent a real message to those who have been trying to steal our liberty and freedoms. Thank you Senator Scott Brown. Gas up that truck  and go Scott go!!! . Wrote one writer from Virginia.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to all the people in Massachusetts……. wrote another writer from Oregon.

Expressing a different perspective another letter to the editor claimed …the Bush administration knew full well that Obama was going to make the big change to public option for health care and they handed him a banking crisis to take any potential to pass a bill of this magnitude, impossible. IT HAS WORKED!

The argument will continue no doubt.

Revealing letters on revealing airport screenings

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

What’s all this fuss about enhanced airport screenings -  asks many letters sent to the various editors. Most air travellers would rather be safe than be concerned about false modesty.  After all don’t people go through fairly “immodest” screenings in hospitals and clinics in the name of health safety.

Here are some examples of their viewpoints: 

- When a person submits themselves to self accepted personal invasive procedures for life saving purposes such as,ie:pap smear,colon&testicular tests,mammograms etc…,I have to ask myself this question.Why,would a grainy,metallic image,seen only by a professional,and not the public,be of concern to me when I’m going to be in a possible life compromising plane trip

- If you have nothing to hide or fear why would you object to being screened (even xray’d) if you know that it will keep you safe……We were subjected to the wand and patted down as well.  It didn’t bother me because I’d rather have them do that than be killed because of modesty.

People of course had other concerns related to air travel as well. Both my wife and I drink a lot of water to prevent deep vein thrombosis.If this is a fact then we and many people of our age will not be able to travel overseas - said one letter. Another letter asked: I have a friend who has been accepted on a scholarship in a prestigious school here. But they did not give the visa on the grounds that he may not return to his country. But they gave visa to the terrorist and when warned did nothing to revoke it. So is it easy for a terrorist to get a visa then an honest person? Good questions. Read more letters on the subject