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India Stinking?

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

India rising was the bold slogan that described the ascendancy of India in the world stage after the economic liberalization of early nineties. In fact, Manmohan singh, the economist, was one of the principal architect that turned the Indian economy, perennially stuck in “Hindu Growth rate” into one of the sizzling economies of the world. India has lost its way, claim many letter writers to Publishaletter. Under the current climate of non stop scandals, the appropriate slogan could very well be India Stinking.

In fact more and more writers appear to question PM’s integrity and capacity to lead as scams after scams continue to take place under his watch. Here is an excerpt from just one such letter. (For more visit Publishaletter and look under Scams India

An Open Letter to the Prime Minister says

: Sir, let me quickly walk you down our history the way I see it. The first 30 years of our Independence were spent in building polices and licensing resources aimed at preserving the Indian Union when many predicted that it would disintegrate, given the religious, linguistic, ethnic and political diversity that is our great nation. By the 1980s this challenge was well behind us and we crossed the proverbial Rubicon when you helped usher in the ‘liberalization era’ to Indian society. After that, we have never really looked back. Well into the 1990’s, India was clearly emerging as a great power with a rapidly growing middle-class, services led export growth and a young population. Furthermore, I felt that an enlightened era of political processes had dawned given the cordial relationship you shared with your previous incumbent Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee………….

…….However, corruption along with vile scramble for wealth and power is what Indian society is about these days. The lead-up to CWG exemplifies this as much the 2G spectrum scam or the Adarsh Society scam. The ‘Indian way’ to get things done appears to be either SHIT (somehow in time) or SHUT (somehow under the table). But isn’t India an emerging power with entrepreneurial success and innovation as its core-strengths. While, USA is exporting culture and ideas (Mcdonalds, facebook etc), Japan has been about ‘total quality’ for a long time, China is about low-cost and large-scale manufacturing, Europe has been about classy and aesthetically designed products, what does India represent ? What is the Indian way ?

What is the Indian Way, Indeed.

“My Own Private India” - Time article draws a firestorm of protests

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Not often, we get many letters, protesting an article published in a moderate, mainstream magazine like the Time. Joel Stein’s article My own private India, proved to be an exception. Klein’s article, bemoaned the changes in his boyhood town, Edison, NJ. The changes, caused mainly  by the influx if Indian immigrants, were not for the better, he asserted in his caustic essay.

Reactions from writers of Indian origin were swift and uniform - Blatantly Racist. Most of them were shocked that the Time will allow such an article to appear in its pages.

Here are some excerpts from the letters:

  • I was shocked to read Joel Stein’s commentary on Edison, NJ. and equally shocked that a prestigious magazine like Time would publish such racist and bigoted views. To mock an immigrant community and their religion. This sort of article promotes race baiting !
  • Okay, I agree there have been many changes that have taken place in Edison, NJ.  This article, nonetheless is opinion and it has much bias.  Therefore, I simply would like to tell you (Mr. Stein) WHY there are so many Indians in Edison.  It’s a stepping stone just like how NYC was a stepping stone for minorities back in the day, if not still today.  Indians for the most part come to America for better opportunity as most minorities do.  Edison happens to be EASIER for Indians to become Indian-American.  It is EASIER to assimilate there than anywhere else for us.  Think of it like this… China-towns exist in every major city in the US.  The DIFFERENCE is what we become and bring to the table………………..How can you say we don’t assimilate?  30.3% of Latinos in America CAN’T speak English, whereas ~96% of Indians CAN.  Isn’t it clear we damn well assimilate.  Just because we don’t have typical American names, doesn’t mean we one day won’t.  America, as you prove through your article is a melting pot.  We just happen to be the good stuff in it, and maybe that’s why you (Joel Klein) are so bitter.
  • I consider TIME magazine to be very reputed but I cant believe the carelessness with which you let this editorial run. Joel Stein only comes across as a frustrated racist & has hurt the sentiments of millions of Indians across America. Strong words indeed for Mr. Klein.

Of Shiv Sena, Mumbai & Indian Politics

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Mumbai and Bal Thackeray’s comment about him stirred many people to write letters to the editors about Shiv Sena’s role in Mumbai and to a larger extent Maharashtra. Most were critical of the roles played by the various Sena elements. Some samples.

Old age takes man to hate speech. And that is what one could find with Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray - said one letter.

From so many years people have seen Shiv Sena and its Sainiks opposing different political matters in one way only.i.e,they call either for Bandh affecting trade and leading to loss of crores of rupees - said another letter. It continued…They can even stop releasing the movies of some stars who get involved in verbal controversy. But isn’t it amazing that Sena and its Sainiks are not opposing or uttering a word against government that is not taking any action against Kasab responsible for deadly crime in Mumbai.

Another letter said: It has really startled me that the Shiv Sena has claimed violation of their democratic rights when they were not allowed to display the black flags.Have they ever bothered for democratic rights of others when at the behest of muscle power they never even allowed to any citizen to give his views which do not suit their interests.

Coming in partial defense if Shiv Sena, one writer opined:
It is very sad to see that today when we as a nation are dreaming of becoming the number one economy in the world, our politicians are busy playing the dirty game of dividing the citizens of India on the basis of region and language. If Shiv Sena and MNS are culprits of igniting the fire of region based politics in Mumbai, then Congress as a ruling party both in Centre and the state in no less responsible in being a mock spectator of this havoc being created by these parties.

What do you think?