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Anna Hazare - Shades of Gandhi?

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Corruption in modern India is like air, water and dirt - it’s everywhere. Most Indians takes it in stride - considering it as part of their daily lives. That was perhaps until now. The series of high profile scams - from Common Wealth Games to 2G spectrum allocation may have been the final straw(s). The agitation against corruption by by Anna Hazare has brought out passions rarely seen amongst Indians who are so jaded by constant discovery of one scam or another.

The letters pouring in PublishaLetter are mostly supportive of Anna; some comparing it  to Gandhiji’s movement. Some, on the other hand, see it  simply as a political stunt. Here are some excerpts:

  • Perhaps the inner urge to become another GANDHI is dominating his (Anna’s) resolve. It is not his fault. We are all living as if we are fighting the British although the Britishers left this country 64 years ago. Our approach to life has not changed at all……It is good that Anna has started his war against corruption. He is a hero and I wish success in his endeavour. It is easy to start an agitation. But it may perhaps be beyond Anna’s power to control it.  Only laws cannot eradicate this malady.
  • Corruption resides in Indian Society. I  appreciate the great pains Anna Hazare and other civil society member are taking to cleanse the Indian Polity of all the corruption. But I am sorry they have all got it wrong. It is not the politicians who are corrupt , it is the society and  the citizens who for their smallest comfort go all out to beget corruption. Don’t the lawyers fight for the  criminals knowing fully well that the person is guilty?
  • And finally there was a poem -Here is a modified version of a poem, with apologies to the poet Iqbal.
    Though the script is English, lyrics are Hindi,  meant to support the fight against corruption by Mr Anna Hazare.

    Sare jahan se bhrasht hai hindostan hamara
    Ab mar raha hai bhrashton se yeh gulsitan hamara

    Parbat se bhi uncha corruption yahan aasman sa
    Ghooskhor hai shasan neta bhi sab bhrasht hamara

    Bhrashtachar hi sikhata unko apas na bair rakhna
    Wohi leader hamare, mazhab se kare desh ka batwara

    Kucch to hai hasti mitati nahin par khoon uble  hamara
    Bhrashtachar hi bana hai dushman bada hamara

    Iqbaal, muaf karna, zuzta hai ek Anna hi Hamara
    Hum saath hai Anna ke, chahe chunaav hi ho dubara.

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